September 8, 2020 – National Ants On A Log Day |National Ampersand Day

Did You Know There Were Once 27 Letters Of The Alphabet?

Welcome to September 8th, 2020 on the National Day Calendar. I’m John McClain filling in for Marlo Anderson.  Today we celebrate a classic snack and classical letter who ditched the alphabet to become a star.

Back to school means packing school lunch and every parent knows that peanut butter is brain food.  But PB&Js don’t always make the grade and that’s when it’s time for a good old standby: ants on a log.  Celery sticks are sturdy and when loaded with peanut butter and studded with raisins this fun and healthy treat can beat any snack attack. The kid friendly recipe has been around since the ‘50s, so feel free to give it an update with your own variation of dried fruits and nut butter.  Kids love them and parents know the extra protein will help them get back in the swing things.  On National Ants on a Log Day make back to school fun and simple with a crunchy bite that keeps kids going even when their minds wander off the trail. 

Today every kid learns to recite their ABCs, but did you know that two hundred years ago there was a 27th letter? It appeared at the end, just after ‘z’ and though It’s not clear why this letter got the boot, it has a special place in our language today as a ligature.  That’s a fancy word for combining two letters and in this case the ‘e’ and the ‘t’ became the ampersand from the latin word et meaning and. The symbol has been around for nearly 2000 years and is believed to have been created by Marcus Tullius Tiro, who created the first Latin shorthand system, while working for Cicero.  Today the ampersand gets special attention in logos and is the most often used special character in passwords.  On National Ampersand Day celebrate this letter who leapt off the page into stardom.

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