September 6, 2020 – National Coffee Ice Cream Day | National Read A Book Day

Have You Ever Tried Coffee Ice Cream For Breakfast? Find Out What You’re Missing!

Welcome to September 6th, 2020 on the National Day Calendar. Today we celebrate a new buzz for breakfast and the perfect way to travel on a shoestring budget.

If I made a list of my favorite things, right at the top would be coffee and ice cream.  So imagine my delight when I discovered that in some places coffee ice cream is served for breakfast.  It’s perfectly acceptable in Italy to start the day with coffee flavored gelato tucked inside fresh brioche bread. Just the thought of this makes me want to hop a plane to Sicily, though there’s surely a much easier way to taste this.  Italians also make a dessert called Affogato which means drowned and you guessed it, it’s a scoop of ice cream drowning in espresso.  Coffee ice cream has been around since 1869 and it’s been on Howard Johnson’s menus, right alongside chocolate and vanilla since the 1960’s.  I may or may not have been enjoying it since then. On National Coffee Ice Cream Day it’s okay to have your buzz for breakfast or dessert!

Though it’s not easy to travel right now, that doesn’t mean that you can’t get away. Take a trip to Middle Earth, fight dragons, and save the world from impending doom. Or hop on a train at Platform Nine and Three-Quarters to enroll in a school for magicians.  And if romance is more your style, get swept off your feet to the wind-swept moors of Northern England. Books can take you anywhere and everywhere you can imagine. On National Read A Book Day, curl up on your favorite chair and crack open a book, whether it’s something new or an old favorite. Reading is a great way to escape for an hour or two. And if you’ve got kids, it’s the perfect day to introduce them to a new book and perhaps a life-long love of reading. 

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