September 5, 2020 – World Beard Day | National Cheese Pizza Day

Hold Everything, Today’s It’s About the Cheese! Who Makes Your Favorite Slice?

Welcome to September 5th, 2020 on the National Day Calendar. Today we celebrate skipping the razor and a cheesy pie.

In cavemen times, beards were much more than a way to define your look. Men who could grow big, bushy facial hair looked more masculine and more attractive. But wait—there’s more! If a man had a big beard, he was better equipped to take a punch, since the hair would provide a bit of cushion to the fist headed towards his face. Over the ages, some cultures saw beards as symbols of wisdom or authority. Today, there are a lot of bearded men walking around, but the facial hair isn’t a statement on their authority or how many Vikings they have battled. It’s probably because they’re working from home and…well, why bother shaving, right? On World Beard Day, celebrate skipping the razor and proudly display those whiskers on your chin!

Whoever said, “Love is all you need” forgot about cheese, and if we’re talking pizza, then cheese is definitely all you need. Dating back to ancient Greece the simple flatbread known as pita was topped with olive oil, herbs and cheese, and it’s here that our love affair with the pizza pie was born.  Fast forward to 1889 in Naples, Italy when a dish fit for Queen Margherita was created to reflect the colors of the Italian flag.  Cheese, sauce and a little basil became a Neopolitan standard and today more than 2 billion pounds of pizza cheese are produced every year in the United States.  That’s a lot of amore!  On National Cheese Pizza Day hold the extra toppings and enjoy all that gooey goodness. 

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