September 29, 2020 – VFW Day | National Coffee Day

If You Are A Coffee Lover We Bet You Celebrate This Day All Year Round! What Is Your Favorite Cup Of Joe?

Welcome to September 29, 2020 on the National Day Calendar. Today we celebrate Veterans of Foreign Wars and a world traveled bean.

The VFW was founded in 1914 by veterans of the Spanish American War and soldiers who had served in the Philippines. The group was created to secure benefits and medical treatment for sick and wounded veterans. At the time, soldiers returning home from duty had no Veterans Administration care or pensions. The VFW also enabled veterans to help each other transition from the battlefield to normal life. The organization’s motto is “No one does more for Veterans,” and it’s easy to see why. No one understands a soldier better than someone else who has served in the military. But the VFW helps more than vets. The individual VFW posts play big roles in their communities through fundraising and community service. On VFW Day, find out more about how you can honor the dead by helping the living.

Coffee lovers rejoice today, although most of them celebrate all year round. While fans go to great lengths for their morning cup, the brewing of coffee began in the 15th century, when Sufi monks prepared it in much the same way.  The drink caused a buzz with traders in this region, who brought coffee back to their native Ethiopia. A legend also tells of Baba Budan smuggling coffee seeds out of the Middle East by strapping them to his chest. His seedlings took root in India.  Today most coffee is grown in Brazil though production takes place in over 50 countries worldwide.  This variety is the spice of life for true connoisseurs, who know that flavor is enhanced by everything from soil to elevation.  On National Coffee Day enjoy a good cup of joe and savor the history of a world traveled bean.  

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