September 25, 2020 – National One-Hit Wonder Day | National Comic Book Day

What’s Your Favorite One-Hit Wonder?

Welcome to September 25, 2020 on the National Day Calendar. Today we celebrate heroes both sung and unsung.

The phenomenon known as a one-hit wonder may sound sad for the bands who produced these iconic flashes in the pan, but consider this: songs that make us burst out singing or dancing when they come on the radio, or that stick in our head long after the event or the memory which we tie them to has faded have brought joy to millions around the globe for decades.  That’s a pretty significant impact. If you ask Antonio Romero Mange how it felt to hit number one in 1993 with Macarena, his own words say it all: “We have no words to thank everyone…we’re just two guys from a small town, from very humble families, who lost our parents very young, we’ve worked so hard, and to see ourselves here?” We agree Antonio – amazing! On National One-Hit Wonder Day consider the lifelong impact of one humble song that keeps us bumping throughout the ages.  

Every comic book fan knows Stan Lee. But you may not have heard of his partner, Jack Kirby. Together the pair created Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, and The X-Men. Stan was the writer, and Jack was the artist. He had been working in comics years before the two teamed up, creating his most famous character as World War II broke out. Have you ever seen the comic book cover where Captain America is punching Hitler in the face? Jack drew that. And shortly after, he was drafted by the Army and assigned as a scout because he was able to quickly draw reconnaissance maps. After returning to the United States, Jack met Stan Lee and the rest is history. On National Comic Book Day, read some comic books or learn about the men and women behind the heroes, because sometimes truth is stranger than fiction.

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