September 24, 2020 – National Punctuation Day | National Cherries Jubilee Day

What Dessert Sets Your Heart On Fire?

Welcome to September 24, 2020 on the National Day Calendar. Today we celebrate perfect endings to sentences and a meal.

Anna: Good morning, Marlo?

Marlo: I don’t understand. Why are you asking me?

Anna: I’m just reading the script! 

Marlo: I have no idea what’s going on right now.

John: Uh, Anna, I think the punctuation is all messed up on the scripts.

Anna: Ohhhh. That’s why I sounded like a crazy person.

Marlo: You mean as opposed to every other time?

Anna: Haha. Hilarious, Marlo. Well, today is National Punctuation Day and I think that shows how big a deal it is to use proper punctuation.

Marlo: Period.

John: Without question.

Anna: Ugh.

Nothing says celebration like the word jubilee, but just how did this word get attached to the flaming cherry dessert?  For that story we look to renowned chef and dessert maker Auguste Escoffier.  In honor of Queen Victoria’s Jubilee event, the chef combined her love of cherries with a simple syrup and warm brandy which he lit on fire for a dramatic finish.  Escoffier had a knack for making the ladies feel special and designed the dessert Peach Melba for Nellie Melba and a macaroon for Sarah Bernhardt bearing her name. On National Cherries Jubilee Day, you don’t have to light things on fire to celebrate someone.  But knowing the way to their heart with dessert works every time.  

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