September 23, 2020 – National Checkers Day And Dogs in Politics Day | National Great American Pot Pie Day

You May Have Heard Of Checkers The Presidential Pooch, But Can You Name Some Of The Stranger White House Pets?

Welcome to September 23, 2020 on the National Day Calendar. Today we celebrate presidential pooches and great American pie.

In 1952, Richard Nixon ran as Dwight Eisenhower’s Vice President and was accused of illegally receiving money and gifts. He told his critics that if they found that he’d done anything wrong he would return everything except for one thing—a black and white Cocker Spaniel named Checkers. Even politicians have a soft spot for animals. Many presidents have had dogs or cats while in the White House, but there were also some truly strange pets. Herbert Hoover owned an opossum. Calvin Coolidge had a pet raccoon that he walked on a leash. And Theodore Roosevelt had snakes, dogs, cats, a badger, birds, guinea pigs, and even a pony. On National Checkers Day And Dogs In Politics Day, we celebrate presidential pooches, and remember that there aren’t just people living at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

While pot pies have been around since ancient Rome, today we celebrate our love of this perfect comfort food that we find truly American.  Almost every culture has a recipe for two baked crusts with a savory filling, but many of these don’t exist in our culture today, and thankfully so.  It may seem crazy that anyone would enjoy a live bird that bursts out of a pie crust at the dinner table, but this Roman tradition still existed in 16th century England, which is exactly why we beat a hasty retreat to the New World.  All kidding aside, we take pride in our rich heritage of hearty stews baked into flaky crust that make many Americans nostalgic.  On National Great American Pot Pie Day  enjoy this delicious national treasure. 

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