September 15, 2020 – National Felt Hat Day | National IT Professional Day

Are You Mad As A Hatter or Modish As A Pork Pie? What’s Your Chapeau Style?

Welcome to September 15th, 2020 on the National Day Calendar. Today we celebrate the “top of a season” and the geeks who’ve got our back.

As Summer turns to Fall, most of us swap out our closets for cool weather clothes and for the fashion forward among us this means felt hats.  Not into sporting a chapeau?  Not so long ago people wouldn’t dare be seen in public without one.  More than a fashion statement, hats have identified our status, our military rank and even our religion.  Think Quaker hat or the stovepipe kind worn by a beloved President.  These days, most people love the vintage styles of a pork pie or bowler, and no Kentucky Derby would be complete without the over-the-top creations worn by women on and off the race track.  On National Felt Hat Day, sport your own style, whether you’re mad as a hatter or conservative as a cloche. 

Now more than ever the world is held together by information technology.  If IT makes you crazy as a business owner, then rejoice in the fact that IT professionals can tackle the heavy lifting. From desktops to laptops no one untangles your tech issues like an IT professional.  And while you may not have hung out in high school, you’re going to want a nerd in your corner when your server goes down.  End-users can celebrate too, as that quality experience you enjoy is no accident. It’s likely the evolution of a whole host of geeks, who work hard to create and maintain our virtual experiences.  On National IT Professional Day, celebrate the unsung heroes who keep the digital world safe and humming.   

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