September 11, 2020 – Patriot Day and National Day of Service and Remembrance

What Do You Remember About the Events of September 11th?

Welcome to September 11th on the National Day Calendar. Today on the 19th anniversary since the events of 9/11, on this National Day of Service and Remembrance, I’ve invited my fellow crew of the National Daily, Chris Cecot, John McClain and Marlo Anderson to tell us what they remember and what they took away from that day.

Chris: I lived in New York City on September 11th and it was probably the most terrifying thing I’d even seen in my life. And after the dust had settled, I had to walk home about five miles because all of the traffic in and out the city had been shut down. Everybody, tens of thousands of people were shuffling along with me, shoulder to shoulder, everybody silent and it was… nobody knew what was going to happen next. And just when we thought we couldn’t go any further from being emotionally and physically exhausted something amazing happened. People were coming out of their office buildings with water and snacks for us. And I remember that when someone handed me an ice cold bottle of water, thinking that everything’s going to be okay. We’re gonna bounce back from this and we’re gonna be stronger and more resilient than ever.

John: When I think about 9/11 I think about the strength of the American people. Sometimes I think about the early days of World War II when we were being pushed back on all fronts and President Roosevelt would speak to us, he would give speeches and fireside chats on the radio, and one of his most famous quotes, “We have nothing to fear but fear itself.” And we came together as a people; our strength is in our diversity and we did it, as Chris said on 9/11. That gives me great hope and joy.

Marlo: For me 9/11 is today’s Pearl Harbor, the riots of the 60’s or the Revolutionary War. Our country has faced so many challenges, each one unique in its own way. And while our country may seem divided when we watch the news, we are really in the process of becoming united once again as a great nation. I’m proud to live in the United States and Patriot Day is a reminder to me of why it is important to me, and I hope to you, to celebrate every day.

Anna: I’m grateful for all of you for sharing and I’m reminded of the power of listening. I hope you’ll listen to one another today. Today we remember, tomorrow we celebrate. I hope you’ll join us.

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