September 1, 2020 – National No Rhyme Nor Reason Day | National Chicken Boy Day

What Rhymes With Orange?

Welcome to September 1st, 2020 on the National Day Calendar. Today we celebrate the random and ridiculous.  

Hey, Marlo.  What rhymes with “orange?”It’s National No Rhyme Nor Reason Day and we highlight the words in our language that do not rhyme with anything.  Words like “silver” or “spirit” are called refractory rhymes and they drive poets crazy.  Of course if those things don’t matter to you as a writer, feel free to celebrate the completely random and capricious.  

Marlo: “spacious!” 

Anna: No, Marlo.  Capricious is not a refractory rhyme.

Marlo: “delicious!”

Anna: What are you doing?!!

Marlo: “Croatious!”

Anna: THAT’S NOT EVEN A WORD!  You’re not making any sense.

Marlo: “Loquacious!”

Anna: Yes, you are.  Alright, you go ahead and try to teach us something!

During its heyday, Route 66 offered not only beautiful scenery, but also many fun places to stop along the way. One of its most famous roadside attractions was Chicken Boy, a fried chicken restaurant in Los Angeles, CA. This place boasted a giant statue of a man with a chickens head that welcomed visitors to the City of Angels. But when a new highway system made Route 66 obsolete, many of the stops went out of business. One of them was Chicken Boy and in 1984, the iconic statue was headed for the trash heap. Fortunately, a local artist rescued Chicken Boy, installing him on another rooftop, where he came to be known as The Statue of Liberty of Los Angeles. On National Chicken Boy Day, celebrate this blast from the past with some wings or fried chicken.

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