Add The National Day Calendar Radio Short to your Daily Rotation!

There is a reason why National Days trend #1 every single day – people love to celebrate! You are already telling your audience what National Days are being celebrated, why not partner with us and monetize the number one trending topic of all time!

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National Peppermint Patty Day and National Inventor’s Day

The National Day Calendar Radio Short is a 2:30 daily vignette featuring two National Days and the fun facts and stories behind why we celebrate them.

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National Fettuccini Alfredo Day and National Periodic Table Day,

Put our team to work for you! This valuable content is yours for free and with the ability to monetize on both sides of the vignette, your sales team will be excited that you have a new feature that commands a premium ad rate. Imagine the possibilities of selling ads to a local pizza joint for National Pizza Day or a favorite Coffee house on National Coffee Day.

You can also use the included daily copy along with the audio on your station’s website to drive additional traffic and increased opportunities.

Add The National Day Calendar Radio Short to your rotation and let us captivate your listeners while you capture premium prices from your advertising clients

We are happy to create local promos for your station as well.

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