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There is a reason why National Days trend #1 every single day – people love to celebrate! Despite what you’ve heard about the market for good news – sales prove otherwise, and that’s why more than 13 million people including advertisers, party planners and media outlets follow the website National Day Calendar. But that is only the beginning of the story. Because viewers and fans push our stories to their social channels a National Day can reach over a billion in one single day. Put the power of “feel good media” to work for you and leverage the number one trending topic of all time with our new daily podcast.

Click the play button above to hear the program featuring National Dog Mom Day and National Lost Sock Memorial Day

The National Daily is a 2:30 daily vignette featuring two National Days and the fun facts and stories behind why we celebrate them. We also tell you what else is being celebrated today and tomorrow so you can get a jump on promotions and fun ways to leverage the “talk of the town.”

Click the play button above to hear fun facts and stories about National Coconut Cream Pie Day and National Military Spouses Day,

Put our team to work for you! This valuable content is yours for free and with the ability to monetize on both sides of the vignette, you just put found money in your pocket. Sure, you already spread the word that it’s National Pizza Day or National Siblings Day because you know this drives traffic. As the creators of the brand we know how organic reach works best and how it translates into sales! Add The National Daily to your rotation and let us captivate your listeners while you capture premium prices from your advertising clients

We are happy to create local promos for your station as well.

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