October 8, 2020 – National Pierogi Day | National Fluffernutter Day

Leave It To Chris To Find A Good Pierogi Story…

Welcome to October 8, 2020 on the National Day Calendar. Today we celebrate legendary dumplings and sandwiches that make history. More after the break from guest host, Chris Cecot.

On July 23, 2014, one of Pittsburgh’s most beloved athletes came out of retirement. The legendary Potato Pete. One of the great thrills of any Pittsburgh Pirates baseball game is the world famous Great Pierogi Race, but on this fateful day, it looked as if the race would have to be cancelled when Cheese Chester broke his foot. When Pete stepped out onto the field  to take his place the crowd went wild. The race was on. For the next several weeks, Pete filled in for the ailing Chester and won 16 races in a row. But the celebration was short-lived. After being caught for cheating, Pete was kicked out of the competition and is currently locked in a freezer. Sad times indeed. On National Pierogi Day, race to the store and try some of these delicious Polish dumplings. 

The history of the Fluffernutter sandwich may seem like pure fluff, but today we sort out the sticky dilemma of who created it first. The story began with the great, great, great grandchildren of Paul Revere: Emma and Armory Curtis of Melrose, MA.  In the early 1900s Amory cooked up  a sticky spread they called Snowflake Marshmallow Creme, and while other companies made similar products, Emma had a flash of marketing genius.  She created the recipe for a peanut butter and marshmallow cream sandwich that was published in the paper, and by 1915 Snowflake was selling nationwide.  During World War I, while meat was being rationed the sandwich was used as a source of protein, and became known as the Liberty Sandwich. On National Fluffernutter Day try a bite of history, that’s more than just a little fluff. 

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