October 7, 2020 – National LED Light Day | National Chocolate Covered Pretzel Day

How Can Something So Simple Have Been Around For Almost 500 Years?

Welcome to October 7, 2020 on the National Day Calendar. Today we celebrate the small and simple inventions that have a big impact.

The Nobel Prize in Physics was won on October 7, 2014 for developing blue light emitting diodes.  What’s so significant about that you ask? Apparently, the shorter wavelength of the color blue was the trickiest one to reproduce but with it the white LED light was born.  Today we take for granted the brightness of this bulb which is used to save energy and to create a more consistent light that is comforting to our eyes and more appealing to our emotions. Add to that the longer lasting bulbs for less waste and fewer carbon emissions and it’s easy to see why this discovery is a clear winner!  On National LED Light Day we celebrate the big impact of small waves. 

Pretzels have been around since the 6th Century, when they were invented by a Catholic monk, but it took over 900 years before someone gave them an upgrade. In 1544, a pretzel baker named Herr Franz Joseph Leibniz from Hamburg, Germany, went to the chocolatier next door and they combined their products. And so was born the chocolate covered pretzel. Bummer for the guy who made the chocolate since his name seems to have been lost to history. But we do know that decades later, Max Rumpolt published a recipe for this treat. Even without a recipe it seems pretty simple: Take a pretzel. Dip it in chocolate. The end. But what do I know? On National Chocolate Covered Pretzel Day you can celebrate by making your own simply satisfying treats! 

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