October 5, 2020 – National Get Funky Day | National Do Something Nice Day

How Do You Express Your Inner Funkadelic?

Welcome to October 5, 2020 on the National Day Calendar. Today we celebrate the best way to improve your day from getting funky to being nice.

Funk is a musical genre known for its rhythm and bass, but the word funk literally means “bad odor.” So why would anyone pick such a stinky name for such fun music? Because when musicians wanted their bandmates to really get groovy, they’d say “Put some stank on it!” Funk is the kind of music that can make even the biggest wallflowers get out on the dance floor. So when someone tells you to get funky, they’re not telling you to stop taking showers, they want you to have fun! On National Get Funky Day do something to make yourself happy: wear some cool clothes and definitely crank up some funky tunes by bands like Parliament Funkadelic. Get your groove on! 

You may not be aware of how your choices add up, but doing something nice can have a far reaching ripple effect.  For inspiration, consider the story of a young man from South Carolina with big dreams and humble beginnings.  Though he never aspired to be a superhero, young Chadwick Boseman had a talent for acting. When that talent led him to a chance at attending Oxford University, the only obstacle was the immense tuition. Enter Denzel Washington.  Though the two had never met, the benefactor paid for Chads tuition and his acting career began. That career ended much too soon, but left a legacy of outstanding performances as some of history’s greatest role models. On National Do Something Nice Day celebrate the ripple effect that even a small act of kindness can create. 

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