October 4, 2020 – National Vodka Day | National Taco Day

Did You Know That The First Tacos Were Actually Explosive?

Welcome to October 4, 2020 on the National Day Calendar. Today we celebrate and a little water and a small bite with an explosive start.

When you think of vodka you probably think of it as Russian drink.  And that’s because of its slavic pronunciation of the diminutive for “voda” meaning “little water.”  While it appeared in Poland and Russia in the late 14th century the origins likely trace to the liquor known as aqua vitae or water of life.  According to a legend, around 1430, a monk named Isidore from a monastery inside the Moscow Kremlin made a recipe of the first Russian vodka. His creation became known as the “bread wine” or “burning wine” and the drink still lives up to its name with more than 30 percent alcohol content.  On National Vodka Day, celebrate with your own favorite cocktail though you may want to cut this “little water” with a little “something something.”

One of America’s most popular foods got its start in Mexican silver mines. In the 1700s, miners South of the border would roll gunpowder in pieces of paper and insert them into the rock, as an inexpensive alternative to dynamite. They called these small charges tacos. So when the workers started bringing their lunches—meats and cheeses rolled in tortillas— they referred to them by the same name they used for the explosive charges. The taco came to the United States when Mexican immigrants arrived to work on the railroad or in the mines. Since then, the food has become a favorite and though it may be spicy, it’s not nearly as explosive as it was in the beginning. National Taco Day doesn’t fall on a Tuesday this year, but now you have an excuse to enjoy tacos two times this week!  

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