October 30 – National Frankenstein Friday | National Candy Corn Day

Mary Shelley Created Her Classic Monster Thanks To A Summer Of Gloom. Do You Know What Natural Disaster Caused The Year Without A Summer?

Welcome to October 30, 2020 on the National Day Calendar. Today we celebrate gloomy beginnings and sweet endings. More after the break.

In 1815, a massive volcanic eruption in Indonesia spread ash around the entire globe. The following year was dubbed The Year Without a Summer. The skies were dreary and dark, and temperatures were far below normal. And in the midst of this, a legendary novel was born. Lord Byron invited Mary Shelley and her fiancee to his home in Switzerland, where the friends huddled around a fireplace and read from a book of scary stories. In this eerie setting, Byron came up with the idea that each guest should write their own ghost story to share with the group at the end of their stay. And that is how Mary’s Frankenstein was born. On National Frankenstein Friday host your own eerie happy hour or read the original classic, if you dare!

Not everyone is a fan of candy corn, which was invented in the 1800s and originally called Chicken Corn. At the time, most Americans were farmers and candy shaped like vegetables were all the rage. What made candy corn stand out were its bright Fall colors. During World War II, sugar had to be rationed, so the makers of candy corn cut back production and limited sales to the Fall. Trick or treating became popular around the same time, so candy corn became synonymous with Halloween. If you’re a fan then indulge your sweet tooth on National Candy Corn DayAnd if not celebrate the fact that it’s only around a short while.

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