October 27, 2020 – National Black Cat Day | National American Beer Day

Black Cats Were Symbols Of Good Luck For Thousands Of Years. Find Out How Their Lucky Streak Was Broken.

Welcome to October 27, 2020 on the National Day Calendar. Today we celebrate making good on a bad wrap and the season of “chill”.

It appears that the myth surrounding black cats as bringers of doom and bad luck is relatively new and associated with the Puritanical view of witches and their supernatural pets.  Starting in the 12 century, folks began to perpetuate the idea that a witch could transform into a black cat nine times and thus their reputation for multiple lives began too. But well before that the ebony coated feline was a sign of good luck from Ancient Egypt to Old England, Scotland and Japan where black cats enjoyed a good luck status for thousands of years. 

Hey, Anna didn’t you adopt a black cat recently? 

I did! And my life has never been luckier!

Aren’t you practicing bloodletting too?

Well she is a shoulder cat, so it took her awhile to get the knack of sticking the landing without scratching up my neck.

She’s adorable!  On National Black Cat Day break your streak with superstition and find some feline good fortune for yourself.

America’s love affair with beer started even before the United States was a country. In 1612, Dutch traders Adrian Block and Hans Christiansen established a brewery on what would become Manhattan Island. At the time, the area was called New Amsterdam and was a fur trading outpost. The winter that year was especially cold and icy, which made the workers very grumpy. To boost morale amongst their men, Block and his partner started brewing beer, which worked like a charm. While beer is consumed all over the world here in the States we love it icy cold and if the weather is already frosty where you live, chances are you still enjoy a cold one. On National American Beer Day celebrate the season of chill by cracking open your favorite brew. 

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