October 26, 2020 – National Mule Day | National Pumpkin Day

Have You Picked Up Your Halloween Pumpkin Yet? Find Out Who Holds The Record For The Largest Pumpkin Grown Here In The U.S.

Welcome to October 26, 2020 on the National Day Calendar. Today we celebrate the workhorse of the Old West and a sure sign it’s Fall. 

One of the great unsung heroes of the Old West wasn’t even a person—it’s the mule. These animals are a hybrid of a female horse and a male donkey, and they inherited the best traits from each of their parents. They’re athletic and intelligent, but also have greater range of vision and surer footing than either the horse or donkey—plus, they’re more even-tempered too. Combining all these traits into one created the perfect animal to help settlers expand across America. Mules could carry heavy loads, walk longer distances, and navigate rugged mountain terrain and they were the perfect pack animal and companion for cowboys. On National Mule Day, tip your hat to an animal that helped tame the West…and did it without any complaints. 

There’s no doubt that pumpkins find their place on our radar as symbols of Fall and our love of the season.  How quickly we embrace leaving warm weather behind with pumpkin spice lattes brewing and the ingredient that finds its way into everything from candles to pet shampoo. This squash is native to North America with the oldest pumpkin seeds dating back to 7000 BC in Mexico. The word pumpkin originates from the word pepon, which means large melon in Greek. And our fascination for these large melons grows even bigger when they reach record sizes.  The current record holder here in the States is Steve Gedden with his 2,528 pound pumpkin that garnered him 6,000 dollars in prize money.  On National Pumpkin Day celebrate your favorite recipe or product that has you dreaming of a visit from Great Pumpkin himself.

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