October 24, 2020 – National Bologna Day | National Sarcastic Awareness Month

Did You Know That The Recipe For Bologna Was Protected By The Papacy?

Welcome to October 24, 2020 on the National Day Calendar. Today we celebrate the first name in lunch meat and a guest host’s super power.

Some foods owe their success to immigration, leaving behind the identity of the city or place they came from to take on a new role here in America. One of these is bologna.  Beginning its life as mortadella, the beloved sausage meat from the Italian city of Bologna was even protected in 1661 by the papacy.  They created an official definition of the recipe to ensure it would be made with the right amount of lean pork specked with lumps of lard.  Here in the United States bologna gained popularity as a cheaper food that took off during the Great Depression and the war rationing eras.  It also held up to the inventions associated with processed foods and packaging.  But perhaps its greatest break came from a jingle in the 1970s.  On National Bologna Day we celebrate the success of this immigrant whose first name has remained unchanged for almost 400 years. 

Chris: That was the BEST national day we have ever done on the show.

Anna: Are you serious?

Chris: No. I’m not. 

Anna: Well, what was I supposed to read?

Chris: You read the right thing. Bologna is amazing. It’s my favorite food.

Anna: Really? I would have never guessed that about you.

Chris: Anna. None of that is true. I’m being completely sarcastic. It’s National Sarcastic Awareness Month. So are you aware now?

Anna: No. Can you explain it again? I missed that.

Chris: Okay. So sarcasm is…

Anna: I’m not serious, Chris.  You can stop talking now.

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