October 2, 2020 – National Name Your Car Day | National Body Language Day

Does Your Car Have A Pet Name? Chances Are Good That You Take Better Care Of It If It Does!

Welcome to October 2, 2020 on the National Day Calendar. Today we celebrate our favorite rides and communication that goes beyond words.

If you’ve ever named your car then you are not alone.  Movies and TV shows give cars top billing in everything from Herbie the Love Bug to Kit from Knight Rider and Smokey in Smokey and the Bandit.  But perhaps the most loved car in today’s world is Lightning McQueen from the movie Cars. An animated feature film that banks on our natural affinity to consider our car as something more human than machine is pure marketing genius. And if you’ve never given it much thought, maybe naming your car will inspire you to give it some extra TLC. On National Name Your Car Day consider man’s other best friend, and keep your engine purring.  

By nature, we’re hardwired to transmit information to one another, even if we aren’t speaking. From eye movement, hand gestures to crossing legs, everything communicates to the people around us. While these nonverbals can help us in everyday life, there are people who make a career out of reading body language. Espionage relies heavily on observing unconscious ticks as experts look for things as simple as scrunching one’s nose or licking one’s lips, which are tells that can give you away. One spy was caught simply because of the way he held a bouquet of flowers! You may not need to save the world, but you can become more skilled at what someone’s thinking or feeling by the way they carry themselves on National Body Language Day.

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