October 17, 2020 – National Mulligan Day | Spinach Lovers Month

Have You Ever Wished For A Do-Over In Life? Today Is Your Lucky Day!

Welcome to October 17, 2020 on the National Day Calendar. Today we celebrate second chances and a superfood do over.

A mulligan is a do over or chance to hit the reset button.  In golf it’s a term that means taking a second shot if things don’t go according to plan.  No one is exactly sure which Mulligan gave us this term whether it was David Mulligan from Canada, John “Buddy” Mulligan from New Jersey or Thomas Mulligan from Ireland. All three were passionate about the game of golf and all three knew the value of blowing off a bad shot.  If you feel like taking a mulligan from this entire year, start today.  It’s never too late to reframe your thinking with a fresh perspective and the good news is this: there are still a few months to explore doing just that. On National Mulligan Day tee up a new outlook and give yourself a well-deserved break.  

October is Spinach Lovers Month and when I think of spinach, I think of Popeye. When he ate a can of spinach, he practically turned into a superhero because of all the vitamins in it. Popeye cartoons made the vegetable so popular in the 1930s that sales shot up 33%. But here’s the interesting part: The reason everyone thought spinach was such a superfood was because of a misplaced decimal. A scientific study told everyone that there were 35 milligrams of iron per serving, but it’s actually only 3.5. That doesn’t mean spinach isn’t good for you, but it does mean you’re not going to develop super strength just because you eat some. I guess that scientists needed a mulligan too.

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