October 10, 2020 – National Angel Food Cake Day | National Chess Day

Can A Competitive Pastime Inspire World Peace? At The Height Of The Cold War This Moment Will Certainly Be Remembered For It’s Unifying Spirit!

Welcome to October 10, 2020 on the National Day Calendar. Today we celebrate moments of heaven on earth and world peace.

Miracles by their very nature are mysterious and so is the origin of the angel food cake.  It is believed that in 1883 a recipe from India was gifted to a family that operated a quiet, picturesque boarding house along the Hudson River. The owner was a skilled cake maker who took her friend’s recipe and perfected it in secret, often baking only one cake at a time behind closed doors.  The lighter than air results became the favorite dessert of First Lady Lucy Webb Hayes, who was delighted by this curious confection from the East.  On National Angel Food Cake, enjoy the not so illusive cake which can be purchased in almost any store.  Though if you’re baking one at home, you may want to pray for a miracle.

During the Cold War, the Soviet Union seemed to be invincible…at the game of chess. For decades, every single world championship was won by a Soviet player. When an American named Bobby Fischer made it to the championships in 1972, the whole world was watching to see what would happen. Fischer lost the first two matches to the reigning champ Boris Spassky and it looked like the streak would continue for the Soviets. Then Fischer staged one of the greatest comebacks in the history of competitive chess. His performance was so impressive that the crowd broke out into applause after his win. Even Spassky stood up and applauded. On National Chess Day, celebrate the ultimate game of strategy that can bring the world together. 

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