November 6, 2020 – National Jersey Friday | National Nachos Day

What Goes On Your Perfect Stack Of Nachos?

Welcome to November 6th, 2020 on the National Day Calendar. Today we celebrate the true colors of sports fandom and the origin of a perfect snack.

When it comes to sports uniforms clothes really do make the person. Try to imagine your favorite athlete in their rival team’s uniform. Probably gets you a little hot under the collar, right? Jerseys are a huge part of sports fandom, where people put their allegiances on display for the world to see and let their opponents know where they stand…even if it’s all in good fun. Although… Michigan fans would rather be covered in ants than be seen wearing ANYTHING with the words Ohio State on it. If you’ve got a favorite player, National Jersey Friday is the day to celebrate by wearing their number and letting the world see your true colors.

Ignacio Nacho Anaya was the host of The Victory Club in the early 1940s.  When the chef of the restaurant turned up missing one night, Ignacio hurried to the kitchen to whip up something for his favorite guests and  nachos have been a favorite snack ever since.  Though they started with humble chips, cheese and jalapenos, today’s recipes are inspired by almost every culture and cuisine. Not only can nachos feed a crowd, they can be a meal in themselves when piled high with any kind of protein and sauce. Try your favorite leftovers with melted cheese over chips and you are sure to make your culinary mark. On National Nachos Day celebrate this lightning fast meal that is always a crowd pleaser.  

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