November 5, 2020 – National Doughnut Day | National Love Your Red Hair Day

Have You Noticed There’s More Than One Doughnut Day? And Given That They Bring Folks Together, A Little Extra Celebration Seems Just Fine!

Welcome to November 5th, 2020 on the National Day Calendar. Today we celebrate a bonus doughnut day and a recessive gene worth celebrating.

Hey Marlo, I know you didn’t plan this but today is another National Doughnut Day. And I’m not gonna look a gift carb in the mouth. Apparently people around the world love their doughnuts.  Take the folks at the Jewish Life Centre in Johannesburg, South Africa, who landed in the Guinness Book of World records for tallest stack of donuts. As part of their 2018 Hanukkah celebration, they created a pyramid-shaped tower of a whopping 3,100 doughnuts, which involved a team of structural engineers, an architect and a crew of volunteers who worked in shifts for nearly 8 hours! The doughnuts were given to soup kitchens and homeless shelters throughout the city. Doughnuts always seem to inspire the spirit of giving.  Yeah, I think we need two days of celebrating that.

For the record I also did not create National Love Your Red Hair Day. The genetic trait that causes red hair is found in only two percent of the population, so those of us with natural red have no trouble standing out. If you have both red hair and blue eyes then you are in a 1 percent category and chances are you are also left handed. And while redheads have a reputation for being feisty and stubborn we are also natural born leaders.  This may have more to do with getting picked on or singled out in life and learning quickly to defend ourselves.  Which seems to have worked well for Prince Harry, Carol Burnett, Ron Howard and Lucille Ball.  On National Love Your Red Hair Day celebrate this unique trait and the bonus of standing out in a crowd.  

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