November 4, 2020 – National Stress Awareness Day | National Candy Day

What Is Your Favorite Way To Unwind and Relax?

Welcome to November 4th, 2020 on the National Day Calendar. Today we celebrate taking a breath and a candy that went to war.

Okay, I’ll admit it: “I’m Stressed!”  And maybe it’s no accident that National Stress Awareness Day falls on the Wednesday after election Tuesday.  No matter how you voted yesterday, the lead up to this week has been stressful and because stress is the number one indicator of how long or how short your life will be, it’s time to take a serious look at what’s been eating you.  Like seriously!  Today is the day to take a walk, have a bath, call a friend, get a massage or simply take a breath.  It’s that important to get a game plan for how you will outwit stress in your life. 

They say that necessity is the mother of invention and in the case of M&Ms candy, this phrase is certainly true.  It turns out that the best selling candy in the world was created in 1941 and during World War II, M&Ms were exclusively sold to the military. Their small size and candy coating made them the perfect candy for military rations: they were easy to transport and the candy coating prevented the chocolate from melting. When soldiers returned home, they were hooked and wanted more, so the Mars Company made them available to the general public. Soon other companies made a knockoff version and Mars had to mark its candy coated chocolates with the trademark M that we still see today. On National Candy Day, treat yourself to something to make your day a little sweeter. 

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