November 29, 2020 – Electronic Greetings Day | Family Stories Month

How Do You Stay In Touch With The Ones You Love?

Welcome to November 29th, 2020 on the National Day Calendar. Today we celebrate the power of connecting to our loved ones.

Once upon a time, if people wanted to speak with someone who lived far away, they had to call them on the phone or even (gasp) write them a letter! Oh the horror! Connecting with people today is much easier. Whether it’s an email, a text, or even a post on social media, we can stay in touch with friends and family with little more than the click of a mouse. Electronic communication has made our world a little smaller and friends that live in Europe are just as accessible as friends who live down the street. So whether it’s a heartfelt email or a silly cat meme that you found online, let’s all take time on  Electronic Greetings Day to reach out to someone and share a smile.

Perhaps your holidays look a little different these days and while you may not be gathering in quite the same way, it has never been more important to preserve your family traditions.  During Family Stories Month we invite you to gather your shared memories and perhaps even offer to organize them for everyone to enjoy.  This can be as simple as a group email inviting family members to share their favorite holiday customs or stories.  You may be surprised at the different ways people remember the same events.  Offering photos or questions will get the ball rolling and you may want to include a story of your own to get the party started.  No matter how you celebrate this year, remind your family of what matters most; preserving the stories that bring you together across the decades and miles. 

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