November 25, 2020 – National Parfait Day | National Jukebox Day

Welcome to November 25th, 2020 on the National Day Calendar. Today we celebrate two ways to chase the blues away.

While today is National Blase Day, we know how to turn that frown upside down with a dessert known as the parfait.  If things are less than perfect have no fear; the French word for “perfect” inspired this creamy layered dessert that can be made with just about anything from ice cream to pudding to fruit with sauce.  Grab a beautiful glass and start layering the toppings and watch your bad mood disappear.  Of course if you wake up this way you may want to start celebrating National Parfait Day at breakfast.

When Thomas Edison invented the phonograph in the late 1800s, the machines were far too expensive for most people to own. So businesses opened listening parlors, where people could pay a nickel to listen to a song. These machines came to be known as nickelodeons. The cool thing about them was that you could listen with friends as each nickelodeon was equipped with 4 listening horns. Eventually, these machines were able to play multiple records and were designed with amplifiers. The enduring appeal of the jukebox is that music is fun, but when you share it with friends who are home for the holidays it could become your new favorite tradition. On National Jukebox Day, drop a few coins in the machine and dance the night away. There’s always tomorrow for cooking the turkey.  

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