November 21, 2020 – National Stuffing Day | National Red Mitten Day

To Stuff Or Not To Stuff The Bird? That Is The Question.

Welcome to November 21st, 2020 on the National Day Calendar. Today we celebrate a satisfying side dish and pride in our neighbors.

Few things sum up the savory, Thanksgiving meal like a delicious turkey with stuffing.  And the good news for those who prefer to ditch the bird is that this side-dish doesn’t have to be stuffed to be stuffing. Though technically, it’s called dressing when you do.  On National Stuffing Day pause to consider the nostalgic appeal of those humble crusts of bread, onions, celery and herbs.  And if you’re looking for a new family favorite there are endless varieties to discover that include seasonal vegetables, dried fruits, grains and nuts.

Get ready for Canadian Olympic pride with National Red Mitten Day!  Hudson’s Bay company founded this day in 2017 to encourage support for Canadian athletes by wearing their red mittens. To date this iconic trend has raised more than 32 million dollars for the Canadian Olympic Foundation thanks to the generous donation from each mitten sale by the Hudson’s Bay company. The fundraiser began in 2010 when Canada hosted the Winter Olympics in Vancouver.  That year Canada received a record number of medals and a new symbol for Canadian Olympic pride was born.  Why invest in our competitors athletes you ask?  Because cheering on our neighbors with cheery, red mittens is just good sportsmanship.  

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