November 2, 2020 – National Deviled Egg Day |Movember

If You Think Taxes Are Outrageous Today, Be Glad There Is No Tax On Beards. Find Out What Started The Mustache Rage.

Welcome to November 2nd, 2020 on the National Day Calendar. Today we celebrate kicking things up a notch and going over the top with our “mo’s”.

While lots of foods fall in and out of favor it appears that deviled eggs have a long history of success.  Even the Ancient Romans liked boiled eggs with spicy sauce as the opening act of their meal. And while the 13th century Spaniards began smashing the yolks as a filling, the term “deviling” didn’t appear until the 18th century.  This is when a little heat became associated with the devil.  I’m not sure if this was reverse psychology or someone’s version of a double dog dare, but a little paprika is hardly a walk on the dark side.  Today, folks bring this classic hors d’oeuvre back in vogue by adding wasabi or southwestern zest and a general devil may care attitude with heat level.  On National Deviled Egg Day celebrate by kicking up the spice any way you like it.     

During the late 1800s, Peter the Great imposed a beard tax on his citizens. That’s right! Men were charged an annual fee if they chose to grow out their whiskers.  This meant that peasants were charged every time they entered cities. Those who paid were allowed to keep their chin hair, but most men shaved to avoid the tax. As a result, extravagant mustaches became all the rage and were often paired with excessive sideburns. If you notice the men in your life sporting mustaches this month, it’s because November is Movember, a time to raise awareness for men’s health issues. And the only money changing hands is for charity, not for taxes. 

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