November 16, 2020 – National Fast Food Day | National Button Day

What’s Your Favorite Fast Food Meal?

Welcome to November 16th, 2020 on the National Day Calendar. Today we celebrate food that’s served fast and a hobby that fills up more than time.

Fast food has its origins in Kansas. In 1921, E.W. Ingram opened a restaurant that you might have heard of—White Castle. They served the same small square burgers as they do today. And the burgers were shaped that way so that more would fit on the grill. When White Castle opened, burgers were thought of as a food only slightly about table scraps for dogs. In order to dispel that notion, Ingram set up the kitchen so that people could see their food being prepared. His “take out” food began selling burgers by the sack, which is now a hallmark of fast food restaurants. On National Fast Food Day, indulge in some of your guilty pleasures, and enjoy the convenience of this “fast meal.”

If you remember Mom or Grandma saving buttons from old clothes, then perhaps you’ll appreciate the charm of this organized hobby.  But for Dalton Stevens of South Carolina, buttons became a way to beat insomnia. Dalton spent his sleepless nights sewing buttons on a denim jacket for nearly three years. When he had completely covered it with 16,333 buttons, the jacket weighed over 16 pounds!  Word got out and people began mailing him buttons which he used to cover shoes, doors and even a commode. In 1990 the Guinness World Records certified that “The Button King” owned the world’s largest collection: 439,900 of them without any duplicates. On National Button Day, we celebrate these tiny treasures and the many uses they serve.

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