May 9, 2020 – National Dog Mom Day | National Lost Sock Memorial Day

Transcript for May 9th

Welcome to May 9th, 2020 as we bridge the social distance on the National Day Calendar.  Today we celebrate a dog’s life and a sock’s afterlife. More after the break from Anna Devere.

Most moms agree that the key to enjoying Mother’s Day is to lower your expectations.  Best case scenario you get to put up your feet and take a pass from doing any housework.  On National Dog Mom Day this is a given.  We know our fur kids will never make us breakfast or learn to shop for presents online, unless of course they have some help and as Dog Moms we’re ok with that.  Just the sight of their adoring faces, warm cuddles and invitation to nap whenever you please says it all.  Go ahead and celebrate the Dog Days of Spring with your chip off the old block who knows exactly what you want most.

Some mysteries may never be solved: Stonehenge, Area 51, and perhaps the greatest of them all…why do so many socks disappear from our dryers? It’s so frustrating!  You do a load of laundry with all your perfectly good pairs of socks. Maybe they’re dressy, maybe they’re for the gym, or maybe they have your dog’s face printed all over them. It doesn’t matter. The great Dryer Mystery does not discriminate. It will consume any and all socks—but just one of each pair! We are gathered today to remember these lost items on National Lost Sock Memorial Day, to celebrate the joy they once gave us,  and to hope that our favorite green argyle friend will find a match as it frolics in sock heaven.

Today: National Moscato Day, National Butterscotch Brownie Day, National Sleepover Day, National Birth Mother’s Day, National Babysitter’s Day, National Train Day, National Archery Day, National Miniature Golf Day, 

Tomorrow: National Clean Up Your Room Day, National Lipid Day, National Shrimp Day, National Washington Day, Mother’s Day 

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