May 30, 2020 – National Water a Flower Day |National Hole In My Bucket Day

Welcome to May 30th, 2020 as we bridge the social distance on the National Day Calendar.  Today we celebrate life in full bloom and holy buckets.  More after the break from Anna Devere.

If you have a garden or a potted plant or two, chances are good that something is blooming around you right about now!   If not you can celebrate getting up to speed with some gardening tips on National Water a Flower Day.  The good news is that with just a little effort you can be an expert by paying attention to which flowers are drought resistant and which ones like to stay moist.  And with Pollinators Month right around the corner, you’ll be rewarded with the beautiful display of the web of life right in your own backyard.  

Marlo: Holy Buckets!

Anna: What’s wrong Marlo?

Marlo: Nope, that’s just what I’m celebrating today on National Hole in My Bucket Day.

Anna: Isn’t that a song?

Marlo: Yep. Can you sing it?

Anna: Nope.  I mean, am I allowed to?

Marlo: Nope. 

Anna: But I bet a holy bucket makes a good planter for flowers?

Marlo: Yep, or a compost bin.

Anna: Yep, or a beer bong!

Marlo: Now you’re talking!

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