May 28, 2020 – National Hamburger Day | National Brisket Day

Transcript For May 28th

Welcome to May 28th, 2020 as we bridge the social distance on the National Day Calendar.  Today we celebrate fast and slow beef.  More after the break from Marlo Anderson.

Hamburgers are one of America’s most popular foods, so it’s no surprise that dozens of people take credit for their invention. The idea for a cooked patty of ground beef originated in Hamburg, Germany, and years later someone put the patty between two slices of bread. And those are the only details anyone seems to be able to agree on. This culinary superhero doesn’t appear to suffer any setback from it’s lack of an agreed upon origin story, however, with McDonald’s selling 75 of them every second! On National Hamburger Day fire up the grill or grab your favorite takeout for a flavor that always delivers the taste of home. 

And if you’ve got some time on your hands, take the slow and steady approach with a home cooked brisket that answers the question, “Where’s the beef?”  Brisket is a relatively inexpensive cut of meat that comes out fork tender with a little searing, seasoning and extending cooking time that’s well worth the wait.  On National Brisket Day take it easy with a home cooked meal that has all the comfort of home without a lot of fuss.

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