May 26, 2020 – National Paper Airplane Day | National Blueberry Cheesecake Day

Transcript for May 26th

Welcome to May 26th, 2020 as we bridge the social distance on the National Day Calendar.  Today we celebrate some friendly competition in the air and on the ground.  More after the break from Marlo Anderson.

You may think that making paper airplanes is kid stuff, but some people take it very seriously. Ken Blackburn set the record for the longest paper airplane flight, by staying aloft for an unbelievable 27.6-seconds. In fairness, he is an aeronautical engineer for the Air Force who has written books on the science of folding paper airplanes. No doubt his skills would make even the Wright Brothers jealous. On National Paper Airplane Day, get your kids in the game with a friendly competition of folding and flight, and who knows, you may find yourselves breaking some World Records in no time. 

Ask someone in New York City to name the best cheesecake and hands down they will direct you to Junior’s—a classic-looking diner on Flatbush Avenue in Brooklyn. Junior’s has been in the same location since 1950 and its renowned cheesecake has attracted celebrities, famous athletes, and even U.S. presidents. But there’s no need to get cocky if you think the best cheesecake is closer to home. You may even have  bragging rights in your very own kitchen. On National Blueberry Cheesecake Day celebrate in a smooth, laid back style like this creamy and decadent dessert. 

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