May 22, 2020 – National Road Trip Day | National Solitaire Day

Transcript for May 22nd

Welcome to May 22nd, 2020 as we bridge the social distance on the National Day Calendar.  Today we celebrate going the distance or staying put.  Let’s join Anna Devere for more on today’s celebrations.

Hey Marlo, did you know it’s National Road Trip Day? Yep the Friday before Memorial Day is officially road trip day and did you know there are two kinds of road trippers: the tourist and the pilot. The tourist likes to take their time, choosing backroads, and lots of breaks for snacks and sightseeing, whereas the pilot is on a mission to get to their destination efficiently with as few breaks as possible.  So which one are you? 

However you like to travel, be sure to get there safely. This year a more “outdoors focused trip” may be the safest plan.  Pilot Flying J travel centers are the founders of National Road Trip Day and they recommend downloading their app for planning a route with plenty fuel, food and travel necessities along your route.  Give your car a routine tune up and hit the road for a great outdoors adventure.

The World Video Game Hall of Fame has honored games such as Pac Man, Super Mario Brothers, and Halo. But one game in the Hall of Fame may surprise you: Solitaire. This game made its debut in 1990 and since then has been played by about half a billion people worldwide. It’s also number 3 on the list of most frequently used Microsoft programs. Anyone who’s ever worked in an office can tell you how happy they are that Solitaire exists. Otherwise, how would we make it through conference calls? National Solitaire Day is the perfect opportunity to play a few hands, though it probably won’t feel as fun if you’re not goofing off at your desk while the boss is sitting in the next cube over.

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