May 21, 2021 – NASCAR Day | National Pizza Party Day

Did You Know That NASCAR Is Related To Bootlegging?

Welcome to May 21st, 2021 on the National Day Calendar. Today we celebrate fast cars and two ingredients for a perfect party. 

During Prohibition, it became very popular in Southern states to illegally distill the alcohol known as moonshine. Federal agents would chase down vehicles during transport and destroy the barrels, so bootleggers began to soup up the engines on their cars. With these faster cars, they could outrun the Feds. Once Prohibition ended, those really fast cars were going to waste, so people began to race the vehicles and that evolved into what we know today as…NASCAR. Each year on the third Friday of May, we celebrate NASCAR Day. So get comfortable on the couch, crack open a cold one and get ready for the races. It’s exactly what the sport’s creators would’ve wanted.

Everyone knows that a good party starts with two things, great food and great friends.  If you know where to pick up the perfect pizza, then you’re halfway to one of the best ways to celebrate.  And if your friends are impressed by trivia here’s a few pizza facts to throw into the mix.  Some people give credit to the ancient Greeks for making the very first pizza, which was more like a flatbread covered in oil and spices. Others think pizza has gotta have cheese, which the Romans added along with honey and bay leaves.  But almost everyone agrees that the cheese of choice is mozzarella.  Today, more than 2 billion pounds of pizza cheese are produced every year in the United States alone! On National Pizza Party Day, do your part by ordering extra, and watch your guests celebrate even more. 

Today: National American Red Cross Founder’s Day, National Waitstaff Day

I’m Anna Devere and I’m Marlo Anderson.  Thanks for joining us as we Celebrate Every Day.

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