March 14, 2021 – National Learn About Butterflies Day | National Pi Day

Did You Know That Some Butterflies Migrate Up To 3000 Miles?

Welcome to March 14, 2021 on the National Day Calendar. Today we celebrate signs of Spring and humble pie. 

The groundhog’s got nothing on the Monarch Butterfly when it comes to telling the weather. Each fall, these colorful fliers head South to find warm, sunny weather the way birds do, and they’re the only known butterflies to do so. Most Monarchs travel to Mexico, flying up to 3,000 miles to get there.  Along the way, they stop to sleep in tree branches where they congregate in large groups. This serves two purposes. One, the butterflies keep each other warm at night. Two, their orange coloring makes them blend in with the changing leaves, so it’s harder for predators to spot them. And after their winter vacation, they head back to their homes. So if you happen to see any Monarchs on National Learn About Butterflies Day, take heart! It must be a sign of Spring.

With more than 13 National Days devoted to this dessert, it’s almost as if someone is trying to tell us something.  And not to confuse you even more, but today is National Pi or P. I. Day.  It’s also Albert Einstein’s birthday and March 14th or 3/14 represents the mathematical formula for the area and circumference of a circle.  Science museums everywhere like to geek out by serving birthday pie and pizza pie and buzzing about their love of circles and math.  And in a world divided by so many things, it’s nice to imagine that the humble pie can bring us together no matter how we slice it.  On National Pi Day, consider the distance across the circle and remember that the line that appears to divide us is not as important as the circumference that contains us all. 

I’m Anna Devere and I’m Marlo Anderson.  Thanks for joining us as we Celebrate Every Day.

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