March 11, 2021 – National Worship Of Tools Day | National 311 Day | National Johnny Appleseed Day

Have You Ever Called 311? Turns Out There’s Lots Of Good Reasons Why You Should.

Welcome to March 11, 2021 on the National Day Calendar. Today we celebrate useful tools and services and a “pay it forward” folklore legend.

Marlo: Since the Dawn of Time civilization has been defined by its discovery of tools.

Guy: I have made fire!!  

Woman: Who’s been drawing on the cave walls again!

Marlo: And every age is defined by the source of those tools

Guy: This is…. so much easier than before.

Women: Look out for that pothole!

Marlo: Some tools are crucial to our survival

Guy: Nearly finished and not a moment too soon.

Woman: It’s getting awfully noisy around here.  

I hope the neighbors don’t complain.

Marlo: And some tools are just, well – cool.

Guy: Perry, thrust, thrust

Woman: Grrrr.  Be careful with that thing.

Marlo: With every new tool comes a new age of enlightenment.  

Guy: Hey, get out of the road!

Woman: I don’t think we can park here.

Marlo: On National Worship Of Tools Day

Woman: I thought we were celebrating National 311 Day?

Guy: What’s that?

Woman: 311 is the number you call to report non-emergencies like potholes, graffiti, noisy neighbors and illegal parking.  So you don’t tie up the other number that handles actual emergencies.

Operator: 311 what’s the nature of your call?

Woman: There is a pothole at the corner of Maple and Main that is swallowing cars.

Operator: You don’t say.

There’s a theory that the apple was spread across Europe by bears. But here in the United States we give that credit to a folklore legend. If you’ve ever had an apple from the orchard in Ashland County, Ohio, then you know that Johnny Appleseed was all too real.  In the years following the American Revolution, John Chapman was seen walking for miles from his Massachusetts home, planting apple seeds and tending orchards. Though it’s not actually known if he traveled with a pot on his head, his legacy of kindness can be sampled from a tree that stands to this day.  On National Johnny Appleseed Day, take a bite of American folklore and pay it forward wherever you go. 

I’m Anna Devere and I’m Marlo Anderson.  Thanks for joining us as we Celebrate Every Day.

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