March 10, 2021 – National Pack Your Lunch Day | National Mario Day

Did You Grow Up Playing Video Games With Mario And Luigi?

Welcome to March 10, 2021 on the National Day Calendar. Today we celebrate a lunch with more punch and a cartoon conversion. 

If packing your lunch involves some sort of brown paper bag, you’re probably missing all the fun.  Sure it’s practical and economical, not to mention healthy to pack your own lunch.  But can you remember when lunchboxes meant something cool?  Chances are you carried the metal kind to school, as the very first lunch box came out in 1935.  It was more of an oval than a box and Mickey Mouse and the Steamboat Willie gang became the first ever licensed characters to appear on a lunch kit.  Back then it cost 10 to 20 cents but today, a vintage lunchbox can fetch up to $2,000!   Don’t just brown bag it on National Pack Your Lunch Day. Pack yourself a little more fun.

Even people who don’t play video games know the name of Mario, the brave little plumber. But he wasn’t always the hero we know and love. In fact, he wasn’t even a plumber at first. In the game Donkey Kong, where he made his debut, Mario was a carpenter, running around smashing barrels with a hammer. And then in the sequel, Donkey Kong Junior, Mario was the bad guy. A really bad guy. As in he locks Donkey Kong in a cage and then throws robotic bear traps at the gorilla’s baby son who’s just trying to save his dad. Since then he has changed his stripes and become the most popular character in video game history.  On National Mario Day, we celebrate this turnaround from breaking bad to saving the Mushroom Kingdom.

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I’m Anna Devere and I’m Marlo Anderson.  Thanks for joining us as we Celebrate Every Day.

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