June 7, 2020 – National VCR Day | National Chocolate Ice Cream Day

Transcript for June 7th

Welcome to June 7th, 2020 on the National Day Calendar.  Today we celebrate life on the couch.  More after the break from Marlo Anderson.

Marlo: Before there was Netflix, there was “Let’s go to Blockbuster grab some junk food and pig out on the couch.” In 2020, you can find just about any movie or show right on your TV, but where’s the fun in that? Walking around a giant rental store for hours only to find that all the good movies were rented was half the fun, wasn’t it? 

Anna: No. It really wasn’t. 

Marlo: Dust off those VHS cassettes and watch ET for the millionth time—it’s National VCR Day and remember: Be Kind, Rewind.

And if you’re gonna watch mindless TV on the couch, who wouldn’t choose to eat ice cream. So the question is – vanilla or chocolate?  


Anna: Most people are fans of one or the other, both rarely both. Vanilla is good and all, but chocolate is so much… yummier. There are dozens of varieties of chocolate ice cream. And you never hear of anyone mixing in vanilla. (Marlo protests)

Anna: Nope! It’s National Chocolate Ice Cream Day, treat yourself to the good stuff and feel free to give those vanilla cone people a dirty look. 

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