June 24, 2020 – National Parchment Day | National Pralines Day

Transcript for June 24th

Welcome to June 24th, 2020 on the National Day Calendar.  Today we celebrate French classics with a twist.  More after the break from Anna Devere.

Anna: If making a meal “en papillote” sounds too daunting consider that parchment paper is like the hot pocket of culinary techniques.  Doesn’t sound that hard now does it?

Marlo: You said “hot pocket.”

Anna:  That’s because this French cooking method involves wrapping your ingredients: fish, chicken or meat along with vegetables and seasonings inside of parchment paper and sealing them up with a twist in a little tent for easy clean up and unsurpassed flavor and tenderness.  Everything just steams up perfectly inside.

Marlo: Does it cook hot pockets?

Anna: Not unless you like them steamed.

Marlo: You seem a little steamed right now.

Anna: On National Parchment Day mix up your dinner routine with a centuries old technique that’s convenient and delicious! (Don’t say it…)

You might be familiar with the pecan-filled candy that is fudgelike and sugary and associated with the South.   But this is only one type of praline.  It is believed that the original confection began in 17th Century France where nuts such as almonds were covered in caramelized sugar.  The Belgians added chocolate which is what they do best, and no one is complaining that a Beligian praliné refers to a smooth, soft centered, nutty morsel of goodness.  It’s sweeter American cousin adapted to the plentitude of pecans found in New Orleans and the popular ice cream, “pralines and cream” sealed the deal as the “sweet tooth belle of the ball.”  On National Pralines Day celebrate as sweet as you please with your candy of choice.

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