June 23, 2020 – National Hydration Day | National Pink Day

Transcript for June 23rd

Welcome to June 23rd, 2020 on the National Day Calendar.  Today we celebrate keeping it cool and staying in the pink.  More after the break from Marlo Anderson.

You’ve heard that your body is made up of more than 60 percent water and maintaining proper hydration is critical for your survival.  Imagine how important it is for athletes who train outside.  The special precautions they take to stay hydrated are good for anyone and include drinking water before and after a workout and supplementing with electrolytes throughout the day. No matter how active you are, experts now say that taking small sips of water more frequently is better than chugging a glass all at once.  On National Hydration Day try topping off your fluids at a slow and steady  pace and celebrate keeping your cool.

Some people have streets named after them. Some have landmarks. But not many people can say they have a color named in their honor. Madame du Pompadour, a mistress of Louis XV loved pink so much that a designer created a shade of the color called Rose Pompadour just for her. Pastel colors became very fashionable with European royalty during this time, especially her signature tone, which was used for clothing and fine china. In today’s world, we usually think of pink in women’s fashion, but over the past few years, it has become popular with men as well and if changing the name to salmon, rose or fuchsia, makes it more appealing than by all means celebrate National Pink Day by dressing up in whatever shade of pink you find most sophisticated.

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