June 22, 2021 – National Onion Rings Day | National Chocolate Eclair Day

This Word Is French For “Lightning” And That’s How Quickly The Pastry Disappears.

Welcome to June 22nd, 2021 on the National Day Calendar. Today we celebrate great moments in greasy spoon history and carbs fit for a king. 

It’s not often that a fried food becomes a lightning rod for controversy, but on June 10, 2007, that’s exactly what happened to onion rings. After 6 seasons, The Sopranos took its final bow. But rather than the series ending with a bang, it ended with the main character sitting in a diner, eating an onion ring. The frustration at this show’s “big finale” is understandable, but so is the moment of solace that Tony Soprano gets from this diner grub. Usually French fries get all the love, but there’s really nothing better with a burger than a crispy order of onion rings. Whether thickly battered or lightly fried, this comfort food is absolute heaven. On National Onion Rings Day, hook up your meal with the side dish that truly satisfies.

Not much is known about the origin of eclairs, but we do know they became famous in nineteenth century France. Chef Careme is thought to be their creator, as he baked them at the Court of King Louis the 18th.  The word eclair means flash of lightning, which may be a nod to its shiny frosting. Or it could be the speed at which Louis devoured his favorite pastry.  Today, chocolate eclairs can be found in bakeries around the world, although they shouldn’t be confused with the Long John.  This is a doughnut that’s shaped like an eclair with a cream filling and chocolate glaze.  On National Chocolate Eclair Day, celebrate in courtly style, with the pastry that still goes down lightning fast. 

I’m Anna Devere and I’m Marlo Anderson.  Thanks for joining us as we Celebrate Every Day.

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