June 16, 2020 – National Fudge Day | National Camping Month

Transcript for June 16th

Welcome to June 16th, 2020 on the National Day Calendar.  Today we celebrate the great American getaway.  More after the break from Anna Devere.

Have you ever wondered why most tourist towns offer fudge in their souvenir shops? It all began in 1888 at Vassar College in Poughkeepsie, NY.  Young women found the recipe for fudge so intoxicating that they dodged curfew to hang out with their friends and make it.  Burning the midnight oil in their dorm rooms, these rebels had a cause and it was rule breaking!  Though no one got expelled, the recipe inspired the spirit of freedom, a spirit that made its way to the boardwalks of Mackinac, Island, Michigan.  Today, gift shops across the country sell fudge, because who doesn’t like a rich morsel of sweetness to go with that feeling of letting down your hair? On National Fudge Day take a vacation from counting calories, and savor the sweet life.  

At some point, each of us hears the call of the wild and needs to get outside into nature. Fresh air, trees, babbling brooks…the summer months offer so much beauty all around us. And camping is the perfect way to get away and unwind. Even in today’s modern world, we still find peace in getting back to our primal roots. And to top off all that relaxing time spent in the woods or sitting by a lake don’t forget the other important things like s’mores and scary stories around the campfire! So pack up the car and celebrate National Camping Month! 

Anna: And don’t forget the marshmallows.

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