June 10, 2020 – National Iced Tea Day | National Egg Roll Day

Welcome to June 10th, 2020 on the National Day Calendar.  Today we celebrate things done the good old American way.  More after the break from Anna Devere.

This common, everyday drink was so popular that at one point in history it changed the world economy, created an empire, and helped spark a revolution. That beverage of course is tea, and in the 1700s, the demand was so great, that the English began importing more than 3,000 tons. While their trade fleets brought wealth and power to the British Empire it also brought the Boston Tea Party and the American Revolution. Today with the conflict long over, we leave tea drinking to the Brits, and celebrate freedom on this side of the pond with tea that is iced, which no self respecting Brit would be caught dead drinking.  Find a spot in the shade, kick up your feet, and enjoy a summertime favorite while you celebrate National Iced Tea Day.

Iced tea is a distinctly American invention, but surprisingly, so are egg rolls. They were created in New York City in the early 1930s, but it’s not clear who the inventor was since two different chefs claimed responsibility. Also, there is no egg in the recipe for an egg roll, so no one has any clue where the name came from. Quite the mysterious story for a food that comes free with an order of Beef and Broccoli, don’t you think? On National Egg Roll Day, treat yourself to some Chinese takeout and savor that delicious side kick to your entree.

Anna: mmm fortune cookies.

Marlo: No, I mean the egg roll.  Don’t you listen to me, Anna?

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