July 7, 2021 – National Dive Bar Day | National Macaroni Day

This U.S. President Introduced Us To Macaroni And Cheese.

Welcome to July 7th, 2021 on the National Day Calendar. Today we celebrate the old watering hole and a Founding Father’s favorite. 

According to the Oxford English Dictionary, dive bars got their name because of their location. Rather than their upscale cousins, these bars were set in the cellars and basements below restaurants. They gave drinkers a place to “dive” below street level and avoid the world for a bit. Since then, the term “dive bar” has evolved to mean any local bar that doesn’t put too much effort into the ambience. They’re just places to stop, relax, have a drink and chat with friends. On National Dive Bar Day celebrate your favorite watering hole, which might be in your own basement. Kitschy posters and retro furniture optional. 

Thomas Jefferson was a true renaissance man.  The third United States President completed the Louisiana Purchase, founded the University of Virginia, and even invented the swivel chair.  But one thing you may not know is that Jefferson introduced us to macaroni and cheese.  He first tasted the dish while visiting France.  Once Jefferson got home, he experimented with the recipe to get it just right.  Unfortunately, not everyone gave his mac and cheese a thumbs up. Perhaps it was not the best dish to serve at a State dinner, but today folks give him credit for the popularity of the dish.   On National Macaroni Day we celebrate this favorite comfort food and the Founding Father who stuck a feather in his hat and called it macaroni.  

I’m Anna Devere and I’m Marlo Anderson.  Thanks for joining us as we Celebrate Every Day.

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