July 30, 2020 – National Intern Day | National Chili Dog Day

Did You Know That Some Legendary Careers Were Launched As Interns? Today We Celebrate Starting At the Bottom and Top Dogs.

Welcome to July 30th, 2020 on the National Day Calendar. Today we celebrate the lowest rung on the ladder and top dogs.  More after the break from Anna Devere.

Today we celebrate National Intern Day and for anyone who’s starting out on the bottom rung of the professional ladder we thought you might like to know how a few other interns launched their legendary careers.  When a 17 year old kid with a passion for film snuck his way onto the lots of Universal Studios, no one questioned the upstart.  Young Steven Speilberg networked in secret till he found an executive who would watch his homemade film.  And while Speilberg tackled his ambition for filmmaking head on, albeit through the backdoor, some interns took a more circuitous route to their illustrious careers.  Bill Gates started out as a Congressional page and Brooke Shields took an internship at the San Diego Zoo.  On National Intern Day, celebrate the road to your own success by following your heart! 

We wrap up National Hot Dog Month with a regional spinoff that takes the American classic to a whole new level: the chili dog.  And while everyone wants to take credit for their invention, all variations of chili dog have one thing in common: confusing names. The Texas Weiner became popular in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. The Coney Island Hot Dog didn’t come from Coney Island at all – it’s from Michigan. And the Michigan Hot Dog? That’s from New York. Confused? So are we. But one thing’s for sure: hot dogs topped with chili are some of the best comfort foods around. On National Chili Dog Day, enjoy this classic combo and forget the fight of who discovered it first. 

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