July 25, 2020 – National Day of the Cowboy – National Wine and Cheese Day

Can you guess Marlo’s picks for Wine and Cheese Day? Nothing goes better with your favorite Western.

Welcome to July 25th, 2020 on the National Day Calendar. Today we celebrate Wild West legends and perfect pairings.  More after the break from Anna Devere.

The mere mention of The Old West conjures images of saloons, train robberies, and shootouts at high noon. The western frontier in the 1800s transformed not only the landscape but also the folks who set out to create fame and fortune for themselves. William Henry McCarty Jr., an orphan from New York City reinvented himself as Billy the Kid. Martha Jane Canary became Calamity Jane. And Jesse James, one of the few men who kept his real name, became one of the most notorious outlaws ever. Each of their stories has been told and retold and become the stuff of legend. On National Day of the Cowboy, watch one of your favorite westerns or read up on some of the gunslingers who forged the American West. 

Few things go better together than wine and cheese and because each has been elevated to an art you can find all kinds of expert advice on making the most of this pairing.  Or you can try my picks such as a Pinot Noir and Gruyere; or Stilton and Port; and who can resist a good Sauvignon Blanc with Goat Cheese?

Anna: Marlo are you reading off of the internet?

Marlo: Why do you say that?

Anna: Because never in a million years would you pick goat cheese.

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