July 22, 2020 – National Hot Dog Day | National Hammock Day

Were hot dogs really served to royalty by FDR? Today we celebrate the easy life.

When King George VI visited the United States in 1939, FDR hosted him at his Hyde Park estate. In the weeks prior to the event word got out that an American picnic featuring hot dogs would be served to the English King and Queen rather than a fancy state dinner. This news caused such a stir that First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt had to address it. And while the queen was heard to say “How do you eat this?” as she had never had a hot dog before, the king loved them so much that he asked for seconds. On National Hot Dog Day, fire up the grill and enjoy this summertime favorite fit for a king…and queen.

And while we are celebrating the simple life why not catch some z’s between two trees.  That’s right we’re talking about the hammock, which dates back thousands of years to Central America where it was used to protect people from creatures and dirt. The netted bed was introduced to Europe by explorers in the 17th century, and not long after made its way onto naval ships, where the hammock provided comfort while maximizing space.  Today this backpacker’s essential has become synonymous with the life of leisure and a compact way to catch a snooze in the great outdoors.  On National Hammock Day get swinging with the breeze in the easiest way to rock yourself to sleep.

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