July 19, 2020 – National Ice Cream Day | National Daiquiri Day

Transcript for July 19th

Welcome to July 19th, 2020 on the National Day Calendar.  I’m John McClain sitting in for Marlo Anderson. Today we celebrate a dessert worth cheering for and a rum drink discovered by a legendary daredevil.  More after the break from Anna Devere.

For as long as folks have been enjoying frozen treats we bet they’ve been screaming for ice cream.  Although the Ancient Persians probably didn’t shout too much while climbing mountain peaks to gather snow for their snow cones.   And who knows if the Chinese let out a squeal for the frozen dairy dessert they created in 697 AD using salt and ice.  But things surely got loud when Antonio Latini created a milk based sorbet in 1642 in Naples, Italy.  After all, Italians are known to get excited over food and with the advent of gelato who can blame them?  The oldest United States recipe is credited to Thomas Jeffereson and the now famous vanilla can still be sampled today. On National Ice Cream Day, feel free to let out cheer for one of the oldest celebrated treats of all time.  

Legend has it that Hemingway first encountered the daiquiri in a bar in Havana, Cuba. Though he usually drank whiskey, he tried one that night and immediately ordered another.  When he asked for it “without the sugar and double the rum” the bartender dubbed it the Papa Doble. But Hemingway called it the Double Frozen Daiquiri. This cocktail made him feel like he was “downhill glacier skiing while running unroped,” and he once bragged that he could easily down 17 in one day without getting a hangover. On National Daiquiri Day, try the Papa Doble if you dare, although we recommend sticking with just one.

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  1. Luigi Long

    It’s a pity that National Ice Cream Day 2020 is showing it as July 18th 🙁

    • marlo2

      Thanks for catching that! We fixed the graphic.

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